Check out Savvy Kids Preschool Google reviews
Check out Savvy Kids Preschool Google reviews

Welcome to Savvy Kids Preschool!  

"Littles" Class

Children who turn 2 years old by April 1, 2017.


(Littles must be in a pull up if not potty trained yet.)


Class Focus:  Build self-confidence and social skills/develop an interest in books and reading/ enhance language, conversation and listening skills/ introduce letters/ learn through music and create through art. 

Learn to LOVE learning at a young age!




Three Year Old Class

Children who are 3 years old by August 31, 2017.


Class Focus:  Build self confidence/ develop an interes in books, print and reading/enhance social, language and conversation skills/

Letter sounds of consonants and short vowels/Introduce handwriting skills/Number recognition 0-10/ Shape recognition for circle, square, triangle, octagon, rectangle, rhombus/Introduction of basic math skills, counting and sorting.

LOVE Learning!




An Extended Learning Three Year Old Class is available. Extended Learning will reinforce concepts taught at school as well as assist students who may need extra help on certain concepts.



Pre-Kindergarten Class

Children who turn 4 by August 31, 2017.


Class Focus:  Build self confidence in their abilities/Develop a love for reading and learning/Enhance social, language and conversation skills/Be inquisitive and curious to aid in problem solving/Build skills for reading success/ Letter sounds and names, consonants and short and long vowels/Introduce sight words/ Word families/decoding skills/vowel rules/Handwriting skills/ Math skills, number recognition 0-30, counting to 100, counting by 2's, 5's, 10's.


Basic addition and subtraction.


Savvy Kids Reading Program is offered in all Pre-K Classes.


An Extended Learning Pre-K Class is available. Extended Learning Pre-K will reinforce concepts taught in class as well as introduce new concepts.  Students will also receive extra help with any concepts they may be in need of.    



A Love for Learning

Your child's first years are critical.  Language patterns and abilities begin to form and a basis for intelligence will begin.  Savvy Kids believes it is important to develop these attributes early on, it is of equal importance for children to enjoy learning and develop self-confidence in their abilities.  Through specific designed activities your child will be learning and may not even know it.  Learning will be fun! They will develop a love for learning that will help them through their school years. 

Savvy kids is a preschool designed to teach children a variety of fundamentals that they will build upon to create a strong foundation of learning. Some concepts will include:  phonics, math, writing, science and art as well as social interaction and confidence.  We have found that with confidence, children typically make better choices throughout their life.  Children need to know they are an integral part of our world!  

Savvy Kids Pre-K classes include reading program.  Savvy Kids focus is on language arts/literacy. 


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