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"I love Savvy Kids Preschool!  Three of my children have attended and went into kindergarten reading! All through kindergarten they were ahead.  Savvy Kids helps the kids enjoy learning.  I recommend it to anyone who wants their kids to learn and be ahead of the game in kindergarten!"

Lisa K.



"I am so grateful I found Savvy Kids for my youngest son! Before I knew about Savvy Kids my oldest son went to a different preschool in Draper. We spent almost twice as much at the other school and we received just as good if not better results at Savvy Kids.  Miss Tara, Miss Tammy and Miss Lynae were always so kind and really go the "extra mile" for the kids.  My son was always so excited to bring home a new book to read! You can tell they teach because they love it.  Highly recommend Savvy!!!" 


Draper, Utah


"My kids have been attending Savvy Kids preschool over the last five years, and we love it!  My daughter started there when she was three and it was close enough for us to walk there.  She had such a great preschool experience,  I was so excited for my son to share the same experience.  My son started preschool there, but then we moved about 25 minutes away, so I decided to find a school closer to our new home.  After about one month at the new school he took my phone and asked me for Miss Tara's phone number. When I asked what for, he said he was going to call her and ask if he could come back to Savvy Kids.  We stayed at the new school despite having many tantrums and tears. It disrupted our life, because he was always so upset about going to school.  He would constantly ask if he had to go to school.  The year that he had been at Savvy Kids he was always pretty happy to go to school. He has a summer birthday, so he had one more year of preschool and I decided it was worth the drive to have my son in a school where he was happy.  This year he has not cried once about going to school.  I could not be happier about my choice to drive to Savvy Kids, they provide such a safe and loving environment in which to learn."


Cottonwood Heights, Utah


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